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We are the Solar Energy Specialists driven to create an affordable and a clean energy future for home & commercial entities in the region. A one stop solution to eliminate your ongoing energy crisis. A simple procedure that enables our customer to understand what they required and choose from a wide range that we have to offer reduce energy costs by up to 30% maximum your saving and lower your electricity bills solar solution provide for your commercial, residential and industrial needs. These solar packages are designed for On-grid solar systems of various capacities. These packages include all the required information you will need to know about the system. Zeus Energy is available in case you have any further questions or if you want to discuss your packages with our solar consultants, they will get to you with a customized proposal.
5 KW Solar System

- 12 250 watts A Grade Solar Panels

- 4 Dry Batteries 100 amps

- Panel Structures & Hybrid Inverter

- 8 Ceiling Fans, 18 Energy Saver

- 1 TV, Computer, 1 Ton Inverter

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10 KW Solar System

- 32 335w watts A Grade Solar Panels

- 8 Tubular Batteries 180AH

- Panel Structures & Hybrid Inverter

- 10 Fans, 20 Energy Saver, Computer

- TV, Washing, Fridge, 2 Ton Inverter

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15 KW Solar System

- 12 250 watts A Grade Solar Panels

- 12 Dry Batteries 200 amps

- Panel Structures & Hybrid Inverter

- 20 Fans, 30 Saver, 3 TV, Machine

- 3 Inverter AC, 2 Refrigerator, Iron

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Highlights of the Packages

- High efficiency solar panels of more than 400 Watts so less space is used.

- Durable, efficient and reliable solar inverters from reputed companies.

- Online central monitoring of the systems functionality available.

- The most credible safety equipment from ABB, Schneider, CNC that keeps you and your equipment safe.

- 1 year free of cost after-sales services shows our service level agreement.

- This system is required if you want to sell excess electricity via net metering.

- You must be living in a place where grid electricity is available.

Our Services

From complex projects for large businesses to small residential installations, we have a solar solution to suit your needs using the latest technology

Commercial Solar

Reduce your energy overheads and let your business shield electricity charges.

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Residential Solar

High-quality solar power system, effectively trim down your residential energy costs.

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Solar TubeWell

Solar Tubewell offers the farmers effective as well as cheap access to the required water

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