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We are associated with the most credible brand names and most trustworthy organizations in the industry. It’s rare for sustainability and cash-saving benefits to go hand-in-hand, but solar power offers just that. Save hundreds on your energy bill every year by investing in solar panels for your residential or commercial building. Even if you don’t use 100% of the energy you produce, solar will reduce your utility bills by selling your excess energy back into the grid and accruing credits with your energy provider. Pakistan is fortunate to be one of the sunniest places in the world. The amount of solar energy that we get every day is more than sufficient to power every home and business in Pakistan for many years. Apart from the obvious financial benefits, there are other reasons why you should consider making a switch to solar power.
  • Solar power is a free source of energy for home & business.
  • Solar power is good for the green environment.
  • Solar electricity allows take your home off-the-grid.
  • Solar power reduces blackouts and brownouts.
  • Solar technology is improving and becoming affordable.

Cost Effective & Efficient Solar Solutions

Get quality solar panels and solar power systems at a reasonable price from us. Both residential and business owners highly recommend us amongst other solar companies in Pakistan because of our trusted solar technology that we are using for the solar power systems to produce reliable and renewable energy. We are committed to providing you with the most cost-effective solar panel solutions to all your solar power needs in Pakistan. Our solar range is reliable, efficient and durable.
Our trustworthy solar installers in Pakistan go the extra mile to ensure you have the safest and most effective solar system available. From complex projects for large businesses to small residential installations, we have a solar solution to suit your needs. We deliver the pinnacle of renewable energy systems using the latest technology. Zeus Energy supply and install high quality solar equipment for customers who want solar that is built to last. We treat our customers like family and our whole team is dedicated to being at your disposal whenever you need us, for the life of your solar system.
Zeus Solar Power customers can have peace of mind before purchasing a solar system that they will be getting the competitive prices available in the market for all our products and services. Zeus Solar Power team members are here to help you in any way needed, from general solar power queries to finding custom solar panel solution for your residence or your business.

Residential Solar System Solution

A residential solar power system will save you huge amounts of money, boost the value of your home and safeguard you from rising energy bills. Pakistan has over 365 days of sun every year, and they are all waiting to be used to generate clean energy to save you thousands of rupees in energy costs. Our expert installers and technicians are available to offer high-quality and reliable solar solutions. Following is some of the ways we can help you:
  • We install rooftop solar panels on flat, tile, metal roofs.
  • We also offer ground-mounted solar energy systems.
  • We use premium technologies with every solar installation.
  • We offer high-quality products, workmanship, and services
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Commercial Solar System Solution

More and more businesses are making the switch to solar energy. This should not come as a surprise because solar power has helped many businesses to reduce their energy costs and improve overall efficiency. Big or small, your business can benefit from solar power. Commercial properties have some of the most lucrative roof spaces for solar panel installation in the country. Installing solar panels on the roof of your commercial property can offer huge returns in the long run. 
If you are thinking about investing in solar, give us a call or make an inquiry. We would be happy to come around and assess your home or commercial building for a quote that is tailored to your needs. Working with us is easy, we’re just down the road. Zeus Energy is one of the most experienced solar companies across Pakistan. At Zeus, we provide best solar panels, solar batteries, and solar inverters.
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Solar Water Pump Solution

Solar Tubewell are important because in Pakistan the crises of energy are immense. To control the shortage of electricity you must think of Solar Tube Wells. Not just that even today there are many regions in Pakistan where due to non-availability of electricity pumping drinking water is also not possible. There is a large chunk of farmers who are already using the system of Solar Tube Wells and getting the best results in terms of both production and cost.
To overcome these problems we are introducing our solar water pumping system at a very affordable cost with high reliability. Solar Tubewells are specially designed to lift water for irrigation, farms, gardens and other similar applications. These systems are best alternatives for areas where there is no electricity or scarcity of power supply. Specially designed modules can withstand extreme weather conditions such as storm, rain and dust.
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Zeus Solar Packages
2 KW Solar Power System
Starts Pkr 159999
3 KW Solar Power System
Starts Pkr 259999
5 KW Solar Power System
Starts Pkr 399999
10 KW Solar Power System
Starts Pkr 699999
15 KW Solar Power System
Starts Pkr 1099999
20 KW Solar Power System
Starts Pkr 1399999
Installing Solar Systems in Pakistan
solar save
  • Effective Installation Plan
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • 100% Pakistani Solar Company
  • Reduce Energy Cost
  • Environment Friendly
  • Nationwide 24 x 7 Support

Our Solar Services

From complex projects for large businesses to small residential installations, we have a solar solution to suit your needs using the latest technology

Commercial Solar

Reduce your energy overheads and let your business shield high reduction in electricity bills charges.

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Residential Solar

High-quality solar power system, effectively trim down your residential energy costs.

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Solar TubeWell

Solar Tubewell offers the farmers effective as well as cheap access to the required water

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Why Choose Zeus Energy?

Quality materials designed to last

We supply high quality solar panels, inverters and batteries designed by leading and highly-reputable global manufacturers with long warranty periods to protect you. These materials last and continue to perform very well in the harsh Pakistan climate.

10-year workmanship warranty

We back our solar panel and solar inverter system installations with a 10-year workmanship warranty so you can feel safe and secure in your solar energy solution investment.

Systems tailored to your consumption

We work with you to learn about your energy consumption and your specifics needs to deliver a solar power system that works to save you money.

Second to none After sales care

Our team offers a 10-year guarantee on our solar installations and if you do need us to come out? You’ll always get one of our electricians. Not a subcontractor.

Net Metering

Net Metering is one of the best things about a grid-tie and a hybrid solar solution. With all the benefits like environmental conservation and reduced bills. Net metering in Pakistan enables a solar user to exchange excess electricity with credit units that can be used during off-peak hours. Net Metering has become a reality and is now available to consumers.

Local team here for the long haul

At Zeus Energy, we are here for the long haul. So you can feel confident you will have an electrical team here for you for years to come. We are associated with the most credible brand names and most trustworthy organizations in the industry.

Not just a solar company

We handle solar power and we do it well but we’re also a team of experienced electricians. It makes our team especially useful in both residential and commercial projects on-site.

Battery storage or battery-ready systems

We’ll install your solar panel system ready to have a battery system installed — even if you’re not ready for the battery just yet.

Start saving now, pay it off late

We partner with top companies so you can get your system installed and start saving now. You will simply recover your investment in few years.

Reducing Prices of Solar

The prices of solar electricity production systems have decreased substantially. This is the most suitable time to purchase the solar system in Pakistan as a global decrease in the price has made it easy to buy them. You can buy your way to a reliable and affordable source of electricity production when the electricity prices have increased by 60% over the past few years.

Completed Designs

Our installation Process


  • Start with your electricity bill

    We always start the process with your electricity bill. This way we can see your current energy usage to find the perfect system.

  • Recommendations

    With information acquired from your electricity bill, we’ll tailor our proposal to you. You’ll get advice at different price points.

  • Installation

    We’ll install your system, including the panels, inverters, and battery if you’ve opted for one. The next step? Unlocked savings and clean, renewable energy at home.

  • Support

    Our solar support engineers are available round the clock to answer your queries and request. We try to response all quries ASAP

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    What our Client Says?

    I would also like to thank Faheem and the team of guys. They were very efficient and customer-focused. They even did a few quick additional jobs for me without complaint or charge! I am very happy with the system

    Muhammad Aamir Home Owner

    From initial consultation with the sales professional to installation we have found Zeus to be informative, reliable and promptly answering all questions we had. We are satisfied with the system and their service.

    Waheed Raza Factory Owner

    From initial consultation with the sales professional to installation we have found Zeus to be informative, reliable and promptly answering all questions we had. We are satisfied with the system and their service.

    Ch. Anwar Sial Agriculturalist