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State Bank of Pakistan has initiated Solar Financing Pakistan, through Solar Financing Pakistan you can get Rs. 500000/- PKR to PKR Rs. 10 Million PKR. Through Solar Financing in Pakistan we can facilitate our customers to purchase solar energy systems in Pakistan on easy month installments. SBP has issued revised criteria for SBP renewable energy financing in Pakistan in 2016. Through Solar Financing scheme, we can encourage people who are belonging to the industrial, commercial, residential, and agricultural sector to invest in renewable energy sources.
Financing Scope:
This program shall allow more people to use renewable energy sources, which will help in attaining a free and uninterrupted supply of electricity. The excess energy which is produced shall be available to other people through Net Metering so it will impact the whole nation.
Eligibility Criteria:
The eligibility criteria to qualify for this program have been kept very simple and easy to cope with the original objective of the program that is to encourage more people to use renewable energy by making it affordable. The eligibility criteria contain only these two requirements:

- Must hold a Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC)
- Must be the owner of the business, and the house where the solar panel system is to be installed
Mark Up Rate:
The markup rate has been set economical to make sure more people can afford it, and become a part of this initiative. The markup rate has been decided 3+3=6 per annum by the SBP. The 3% can further be negotiated depending upon your relationship with your bank.

Solar Financing Banks in Pakistan

Project Financing

If you cannot afford the solar system by paying right away, you can still afford to switch to solar with the help of the bank. Now the Solar Financing Banks in Pakistan provide monetary assistance under Solar Financing Scheme in Pakistan.
List of Solar Financing Banks in Pakistan:
- BANK of Punjab
- BANK of Khyber
- Habib Bank Limited
Prerequisites to Get Financing:
• Fulfillment and signing of loan financing application
• Two recent passport size photographs of the applier
• Copy of CNIC
• Ownership of Property documents along with the latest utility Bill & Electricity Bill
• Bank statements of the past six months of a business or personal account
• Active tax payee with NTN number
• Details of any loans taken from all other sources
Pakistan has been facing energy crises as well as environmental degradation with the use of non-renewable resources. The price of electricity is increasing rapidly, and economic growth is declining. To counter these problems, SBP started the Solar Financing Pakistan so industries, and homeowners can invest in renewable energy with the help of an investment from banks. State Bank of Pakistan has initiated the Green Banking program to incorporate environmental contemplation in banking operations, services, and funding.

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